Meterian Licence Compliance Management

Ensure your business stays on the right side of open source software licensing

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Remove distractions of licence risk compliance management from the developer workload

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Enable streamlined decision making processes between technology and legal compliance teams at scale.
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Easily create tailored policies for your team and project needs with templates to automate detection of licence violations.
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Get an instant and complete inventory of open source licences used in your project using software composition analysis (SCA).

"Whilst it can be overlooked, licence compliance is an important consideration for developers when using open source components in their code. Meterian's SBOM collates and sorts all the information our developers need to manage the licences used in our projects, allowing our developers to code confidently and compliantly."

Rachel Warrington

Head of Technical Quality Assurance, EMIS Group

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Govern open source licence compliance

Govern open source licence compliance management by empowering developers with the relevant information needed to avoid getting caught out by licence infringements. Our Licenses Bible PDF offers a comprehensive report in PDF and JSON formats which outline all the components used in your project with relevant metadata including the licence details and copyright attributions. This provides a complete and accessible point of reference that can be used for guidance at any point in the software development process. We reference all information with links to the official full text of the licence, found in the SPDX licence list.

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Prioritise timeliness and productivity with the dependency tree view. Developers can satisfy legal compliance requirements in the early stages of the software development life cycle
  • Easily identify the culprit component
  • Instantly see the location of the licence infringement
  • Confidently code without distraction

Entrust your developers to code confidently and compliantly.

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The majority of application software consists of over 90% of open source components. Developers using open source libraries in their projects must comply with the licences of these software libraries to protect the enterprise from loss of intellectual property through forced release of propriety code or incurring hefty fines. Automatically identify the terms and conditions associated with your components to ensure compliance and avoid these risks.

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