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Easy. Fast. Secure.

Level up your confidence in open source dependencies

De-risk your app now

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dotnet python javascript php perl ruby java kotlin nodejs swift scala go elixir rust c/c++ r clojure dart

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Automated compliance of open source software

Essential security to propel our digital world

At the start or in the midst of your enterprise's digital transformation journey? Increase confidence in your application development seamlessly with Meterian-X invisible security platform.

  • Continuously manage governance, risk, and compliance of open source software
  • Secure your software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Guide software development, quality control and risk management teams with accurate data
Meterian scans your Java, Javascript, .NET, Scala, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python, NodeJS, Golang, Android/Kotlin, Swift/Objective-C, Elixir, Rust, C/C++, R, Clojure and Dart projects.

Get on-demand and continuous protection without us ever needing to touch your source code

Maximum coverage and minimal false positives

Maximum coverage and minimal false positives

Get AI-powered security that automatically monitors publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in your application's dependent components. Easy to understand reports so your team can act and remove the risk.


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Instant plug-and-play DevSecOps: CI/CD ready

Instant plug-and-play DevSecOps: CI/CD ready

Seamless integration into any existing continuous delivery pipeline. Scan any coding project without giving access to your source control system.


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Licence Risk Assessment

Licence Risk Assessment

Automate software licence audits. Block or mitigate legal risks in your application before the software release.


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Easy to read actionable reports

Easy to read actionable reports

Meterian's risk analysis reports make it easy to audit and understand the risks in your open source software supply chain.


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Keep your Digital Autonomy

Get instant Security Across the Software Application's Production Lifecycle

How Meterian can be integrated in every step of your pipeline.

dotnet python javascript php ruby java kotlin nodejs swift scala go rust elixir perl c/c++ r clojure dart

Build your own flavour of reporting with our APIs

Build your own flavour of reporting with our APIs

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As your business evolves through its digital transformation journey, setting up new tools, environments and processes all take time. Meterian security solutions have zero migration costs, so you can secure your application development's software supply chain from Day 1. Trusted by enterprises and easy to use by any developer on any source code repository management system.


Innovate continuously, freely and securely.


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