Invisible Security Platform for your Open Source Security Management

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Reinforce your business' software supply chain security from the inside out for continuous defense

Data rich reporting

Data Rich Reporting

In depth reports highlight the vulnerabilities threatening your project, even the ones that are difficult to detect.

Constant scanning

Constant Scanning

Continuous review of your open source libraries ensure that your code is monitored and protected round the clock.

Auto remediation

Auto Remediation

Auto remediation reduces the effort of securing applications in software development and sustains the rapid flow of innovation with DevSecOps.

Minimal false positives

Minimal False Positives

Developers' time is prioritised by minimising wasted effort and keeping security debt low.

Dependency tree in Meterian-X report

Information-rich Reports with Actionable Insights

  • Tree view of dependencies spotlights the precise location of the vulnerability in your code, as well as showing which components have been affected.
  • Meterian's easy to read reports prominently highlights verified vulnerabilities for developers' laser focus.
  • Prioritisation of vulnerabilities based on threat level, alerting you to the most pressing risk first.
  • Push notifications allow for action at early stages in the software development life cycle, catching issues before they spread.

"With Meterian-X, fifty SDLC pipelines were easily boosted with open source supply chain security. We have a diverse set of devops toolchains and our devops engineers were delighted by the fast and painless integration of their invisible security platform."

Head of Application Security at UK fintech company serving over 6 million customers worldwide

Automate security and compliance at scale

Security policies

Simple one-step configuration to automatically customise security rules. Block insecure applications from passing the build stage. Automatically alert a developer to see and fix the issue early in development.

Licence policies

Create, customise and manage licence compliance policies across your organisation's software teams.
Learn more about Meterian's Licence Compliance Management

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Software Composition Analysis (SCA) that is CI/CD ready

Software Composition Analysis enables developers and security teams to easily know what open source components are used in their application software, as well as track the security, stability and licensing risks in all dependent components. By flexibly adapting to any SDLC workflow, any developer, CISO, or risk and quality assurance manager can see and discuss the threats and challenges in their software dependencies. Achieve application security and team productivity. When all risks are mitigated, the team can commit the code for release.
Get a complete software bill of materials (SBoM) with Meterian-X instantly.

Traditionally, developers and security managers address security sign-offs towards the end of the project's development, just before release.
Meterian-X streamlines the decision-making process with clear and concise reporting that can be easily shared in human- and machine-readable formats in early stages of development. Security awareness immediately shifts left in the SDLC with Meterian-X, saving time and human resources for more innovative tasks.

Boost Open Source Security Instantly

Meterian-X fits into any SDLC and analyses the open source supply chain of application codebases and container images in minutes. Developers are empowered to be a proactive preventative defence against malicious use of open source vulnerabilities as attack vectors.

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Boost Open Source Security for Application Codebases

Get instant visibility to the application's open source dependencies with automated discovery, risk scoring, continuous scanning and actionable security insights.

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Always-on Security Messaging Service

Sentinel notification alert emails or Slack IMs account administrators new public vulnerabilities found in open source components used by projects in their account.

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Boost Open Source Security for Containers

Scan any container image and gives assurance there are no known security, stability, and license risks in their open source dependencies.
The seamless plug and play DevSecOps solution is agnostic to source version control systems— working with any code repository management system.
Languages supported include: Java, Javascript, .NET, Scala, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python, NodeJS, Golang, Android/Kotlin, Swift/Objective-C, Elixir, Rust, C/C++, R, Clojure and Dart.
Python Java Kotlin NodeJS Javascript Ruby Perl Dotnet GoLang Swift Elixir Rust C/C++ R Clojure Dart

Get an immediate surface level report of the nested vulnerabilities in your web application

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