Vulnerability Data Feed

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Vulnerabilities database

KIWI provides to your company the Meterian Security Database. It is installed on-premises and does not require active connectivity to the internet. Database updates are provided daily, or more frequently upon request or configuration. They can be automated if connectivity with the Meterian cloud servers is provided. There are no limitations in the database usage and the database is in clear text (JSON).

API powered

KIWI is also a self-contained API based service that provides the standard Meterian vulnerability APIs, with unlimited calls. The APIs include full search capabilities and a basic web UI to explore the database. Extremely quick response times with minimal latency are guaranteed thanks to the aggressive use of memory caching.

Meterian vulnerability database

The Meterian security database is updated at least every 4 hours in a completely automated fashion. Multiple sources contribute to the database with feed provisioned for example from the National Vulnerability Database, GitHub, OSV and other 15 unique sources. At the time of writing we are actively monitoring 300000 vulnerabilities across all public sources

We integrate this with three unique sources of vulnerabilities generated by our own engines: monitoring (powered by GenAI) of major opensource component repositories, automatic detection of unmaintained components, automatic detection of repackaged assets.