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Add Meterian to your Github Action or add Meterian Badges into your Github project's README.

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Integrate Meterian on your Bitbucket pipeline

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Install the Meterian plugin into your Azure DevOps project

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Perform a scan via command line

Use the Meterian Thin client to run a scan from your command line

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Perform an analysis of your project using the Meterian Dockerized Client

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Scan your Docker container for known vulnerabilities using the Meterian Container Scanner

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Use Meterian on CI

Meterian integrats with most of the CI platforms, grab an API token and follow the documentation

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Manage your organization teams and members in the easiest possible way.



Easily keep track of your projects' Software Bill of Materials available in multiple formats


Auto remediations

Engages the autofix mechanism that automatically fixes problems detected during the analysis



Receive notifications about newly found vulnerabilities which are affecting libraries used on your projects


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Select your private project to generate the badges:

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For the security badge, please add this snippet to your README file:

[![security status]($baseurl/badge/gh/spring-projects/spring-boot/security)]($baseurl/report/gh/spring-projects/spring-boot)

For the stability badge, please add this snippet to your README file:

[![stability status]($baseurl/badge/gh/spring-projects/spring-boot/stability)]($baseurl/report/gh/spring-projects/spring-boot)

For the licensing badge, please add this snippet to your README file:

[![licensing status]($baseurl/badge/gh/spring-projects/spring-boot/licensing)]($baseurl/report/gh/spring-projects/spring-boot)

Protected by Meterian badge

Secured with Meterian badges, these badges are designed for our customers to display that they benefit from protection provided by Meterian.

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Your account members

This panel will allow you to link existing or new collaborators to your account to represent your current team. Based on their role they will be provided with a certain range of permissions as follows:
  • Adminstrator - can do anything on your account, including disabling it
  • Collaborator - can run analysis, apply ignore rules and view reports
  • Viewer - can view online reports only

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The name of your account

This is the name assigned to your account. It can be really anything it makes sense to you and, of course, it can be changed at any time.

The contact email of your account

This is the main contact email of your account, where you receive notification about people joining or leaving your account, changes made to your plan, and any other account-wide relevant information. You can change this email but you will need to follow a validation process: unless this is successful, the change will not be executed. Please contact our support email if you need any assistance.

Your account Github organization

By selecting an organization from this list, all the members of the specific Github organization will be automatically added to this Meterian account once they have performed their first login with Github.
You have to be an admin of both Github organization and Meterian account.

Support login token

This token can be used to allow a member of the Meterian support team to login in your behalf in the case you are experiencing issues within your account.
Simple generate or refresh the token and communicate it to a member of the Meterian support team.
The token automatically expires after 8 hours after its issue.

Experimental Mode

Fancy trying all the features Meterian has to offer? Some of the functionalities are still in develompent or in testing, but you can try them out by turning on the Experimental Mode.
In Experimental Mode is not guaranteed full stability as these features are still being worked on by developers.
Why not give it a try? You can disable the Experimental Mode any time you want.


Get notified if a project in your account becomes vulnerable. Activate the Meterian notification service here

The plan associated to your account

This is the plan associated to your account, and can be changed at any time but at the moment only by contacting our support email.

Disable your account

This will allow you to disable your account. Nothing will be lost, but you will need to contact our support email if you need to restore o completely delete your account. This is required in case you need to join, as a member, another account, as at this stage Meterian` does not support multiple accounts for the same user.

Meterian Dashboard
Security Score Calculation
Calculation by CVSS The score starts at 100. For each vulnerability, points are deducted based on its CVSS score. The amount of points deducted is between 0 and 50: it's proportionate to the score of the vulnerability, that goes from 0 to 10. For example, a score of 9 will deduct 45 points, while a 1 will deduct 5 points. A suggestion will always deduct 0.25.
Calculation by Severity The score starts at 100, then:
  • each SUGGESTION deducts 0.25
  • each LOW deducts 5
  • each MEDIUM deducts 10
  • each HIGH deducts 20
  • each CRITICAL deducts 25
The minimum score is 0

Security Thresholds
Enforce association member-tokens  
Severity level when no CVE is present
Severity level for unmaintained libraries
Severity level for unknown libraries
Ignore unstable versions  
Automatic temporary branches cleanup  

Minimum scores
Default projects time filter
Enter one or more regular expressions to identify .NET projects to be classified in test scope:

Enter one or more regular expressions to identify components to exclude from license analysis:

Analysis scopes

Production scopes

Manage RKVST configuration

Client id
Client secret

Allerta configuration
Languages Severity CVSS EPSS % Recepients  

Sentinel configuration
Notifications minimum threshold
Unmaintained libraries notifications  

Do not forget to confirm the changes
Application Key
Number of vulnerabilities (by severity)
The scores of a project
The age of a vulnerability
Automatic actions
Recompute the reports

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Send metrics now
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Your tags
This panel will allow you to create and manage your tags.
A tag can be used to configure the score threshold used by the client and the policies to apply to a project's licensing analysis.

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